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GBG Colombo Organizes The Next Meetup In November

Google Business Group Srilanka

Those who have heard of the GBG Colombo, also known as Google Business Group in Colombo and those who have been eagerly awaiting the next GBG Colombo event, you would be interested to learn that the next GBG Colombo meetup will be held on the 16th of November. Here are the details and how to register to attend this event.

Date – Friday, 16th November 2012

Time – 6.00pm

Venue – Srilanka Foundation Institute, #100, Independence Square, Colombo 7


Welcome + Introduction
1. Digital Landscape Overview by Jana Levene – Emerging Markets Programs Manager, Google
2. Improving Your Google Search Rankings by Shamelle Perera – Senior Project Manager, Creative Solutions
3. by Taha Bawa – Founder,
4. TedExYouth by Dilumi Dissanayake – Head Curator, TEDxYouth@Colombo
5. Google+ Workshop by Hadi Mohd Mini – Outreach Program Manager, Google (bring your laptops would definitely help!)
Vote of thanks by Rohan Jayaweera – Country Consultant, Google Srilanka
Refreshments + Networking Session

Click HERE to Register and RSVP the event.

If you’d like to email or notify your friends the ‘Registration + RSVP form’  or  invite them to GBG Colombo, use this link:

Third GBG Colombo Meetup

This time, the GBG Colombo has great timing since some Google folks are in town. There will be two speakers from Google Inc. scheduled to speak at the November GBG. Jana Levene – Emerging Markets Programs Manager, Google will be speaking about Digital Landscape Overview. The second speaker, Hadi Mohd Mini – Outreach Program Manager, Google will conduct a mini workshop on Google+ which is what I personally can’t wait for! And of course, bringing your laptop for the G+ workshop would definitely help.

What is GBG Colombo

For those who haven’t heard of GBG Colombo yet or what’s Google doing in Srilanka, go read the post I wrote  in view of the second GBG meetup in Colombo. They had their first ever meetup back in May this year.

If you’re on Google+ don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends who might be interested in attending – by going to the official G+ event link HERE:

How can you connect with GBG Colombo

The official page is on Google+
GBG Colombo has a Facebook group, LinkedIn group and are also on Twitter.

More updates to come, stay tuned 🙂

Disclaimer: I'm part of the organizing committee at GBG Colombo
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How to send Google+ Invites to your friends

Many of my friends have been asking me how can they send Google+ invitations to their friends. So I thought I’d write a quick post on it.

Right now, Google has taken off the “Send Invites” feature that is supposed to look like the picture below and is supposed to appear on the Right-hand-side bar.

However, there’s a round-about-way to invite your friends to Google+ which I learned as I joined the network, from Adnan (who also sent me the actual invitation to join – so Thanks! again). So without further ado, here’s how you invite your friends to Google+

How to Send a Google+ Invitation

1. Go to “Circles”

2. Click on “Add a new person” and add your friend by their email or their name

3. Once the friend is added, drag and drop the little “box”, which appears with their name, into one of the “Circles” below

(click image to view larger)

4. Now go back to the “Home” page and do a “status update. Type something… I would type “You’re Invited to G+” or something along those lines.

5. Then “tag” the friend that you previously added to circles. Don’t forget to remove the Public tag and also to unmark the “Also email ### people not yet using Google+
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