14-Day Challenge

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14-day social media challenge



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Are you a small business owner, struggling with publishing social media updates regularly?

Online visibility is a crucial factor for any business to succeed in 2021 and regular, consistent social media updates are the key to online visibility. That is why you’re invited to take up this 14-Days of daily posting exercise on your social media page, to get you into the habit of posting social media updates regularly and consistently.


If you successfully complete the 14-Day Social Media Challenge, you would;

  • Learn how to post on social media regularly and consistently
  • Increase the followers and fans on your selected social media account (*Based on the results of previous challenge takers)
  • Increase the engagement on your selected social media account(*Based on the results of previous challenge takers)
  • Successfully complete the challenge to stand the chance of winning selected prizes & rewards (*Announced prior to commencement of challenge).
  • All challenge takers are invited to share their success stories. Selected “success stories” will be published on my social media pages, blog & others publications to inspire other business owners and to encourage them. Your business would gain publicity as a result.


A social media challenge is great idea, but you want more?

You want to learn how to formulate the exact strategy and a content plan that’s tailor-made for your business? Sure, you can do that. Here are two available options:

  1. Join the Social Media Essentials Workshop from anywhere in the world. This is an interactive live workshop that is conducted via Zoom video calls. Details HERE.
  2. You can book me for an online consultation via Zoom where I will work with you to help you formulate a 1-year social media marketing strategy and 3-month content plan to grow your business. Click HERE to request for 1-on-1 consulting.


If you wish to contact me for further details before joining the challenge, drop me a message on FB chat – m.me/indunanayakkara