The following social media marketing consulting, coaching and related services are offered primarily for small business owners and personal brands. Training is offered for small business owners as well as corporate training for marketing and agency staff. 

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Public & University Workshops
  • Facebook Advertising 
  • Public Speaking

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation across the world, ALL consulting, coaching, workshops & speaking engagements will be delivered online, until further notice.

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Get long term or short-term consulting if you are looking to use social media marketing to get online visibility for your business or personal brand (or your clients’ business – if you’re an agency), connect with the ideal customers for your business and get qualified leads to grow your business.

This can be a one-time meeting to get an exact blue-print so you can upgrade your social media activities or an ongoing consulting for a minimum of 3 months where you will be guided every step of the way with a weekly or bi-weekly call or meeting. This service is provided in-person or online.


If you’re a team leader, a head of Marketing or a head of Digital, an Agency owner, A CEO or a public personality and is looking learn how to manage your digital/social marketing team; or looking to grow your personal brand with social media, this would be ideal for you to be one step ahead of your team and/or be well-known in your industry.

This service is long-term – minimum 3 month service. The preliminary coaching call or meeting is 60-90 min duration. The follow-up calls and meetings are shorter in duration which can be once per week or bi-weekly. This service is provided in-person or online.

Corporate Training

In-House Team Training

This is conducted at your office premises or training facility or other location you wish us to conduct the training. Getting the location, refreshments and other requirements such as projectors, sound, printed handouts, etc must be worked out by you/your organization. We solely provide the training program and conduct the training.

Online Team Training

Training is carried out via Zoom and all other activities are carried out via an exclusive Facebook Group. All training documents are hosted in a special membership vault for which the trainee/s will get login details (require an email & password to access).

Public Workshops

Workshops for the public are conducted both online and in-person. The signature workshop series Social Media Essentials 2020 (SME2020) series is ideal for those who want to get hands-on experience when learning social media in a group-setting which helps interaction with similar folks at a more affordable price range than the consulting or coaching.

The “Beginner” level workshop is for those learning social media marketing for the first time. The “Intermediate” level workshop is for those who have a fairly good knowledge to further expand their level of expertise. 

These live, interactive workshops consist of multiple modules which are covered over a total duration of 8 hrs. Click Here to view the details of the next available dates and the pricing.

University Workshops

The next generation of university students can greatly benefit from the correct use of social media, to power through the in-depth education they get from higher education. Any university can grab this FREE opportunity for their students, a 45-min introductory session titled “How To Use Social Media to Get Hired, Grow Your Business or Earn From Home” which is delivered online.

If you are a University lecturer or a student, you can inform your university to get this FREE online lecture delivered to your institution too, by emailing us at [email protected]

After graduation, a university student would most probably be doing one of 3 things –  get a job or start a business or earn from home. Therefore, the next best option would be to get one or more of the following workshops;

  1. Getting Hired with Social Media
  2. Growing Your Business with Social Media
  3. Earning from Home with Social Media

Each interactive workshop spans for 3-hours and includes a printable workbook and a 20-min Q&A session.

Facebook Advertising

This service will be provided remotely, based on the specific client requirements. Services offered are below;

  1. Facebook Business Page growth 
  2. Visibility & Engagement
  3. Lead Generation

Please make an inquiry for further details. 

Public Speaking 

Topics covering Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Transformation and related areas.

Please make an inquiry for further details.

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