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Hey, this is Indu.

I’ve been in the field of digital marketing for over 10 years and during 8 of those years, have been the Head of Digital Marketing at two agencies in Colombo at Loops and at Boost Metrics.

One of the things I love doing is helping small business owners how to use social media marketing and other digital tools, to market their business online.

As the Co-manager of Google Business Group (GBG Colombo) and the Country Lead of Women Will Sri Lanka, I’ve been educating startup & SME owners and all types entrepreneurs how to do this since 2012 and still do!

Taking this one step further, I conducted a 4-part live video course, for complete beginners to social media marketing.

I understand that everyone starts somewhere and I did not want financial limitations to be a cause for limitations in knowledge for those who are just getting started – Especially a crisis situation such as the one we are all facing at this time.

That’s why I’m offering this for FREE. 

This video course was initially conducted as Facebook Live Video Course in a Facebook group connected to my Facebook Page.

Social Media For Business Owners

The Starter Video Course For Complete Beginners

Click each link to watch the video. Please go step-by-step from Video 1 to Video 4 in the given order to gain the best results.

Video #1

Duration: 30 min

[facebook url=”″ /]

Video #2: Part 1

Duration: 16 min

[facebook url=”″ /]

Video #2: Part 2

Duration: 10 min

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Video #3

Duration: 32 min

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Video #4

Duration: 31 min

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If you’d like to join this Facebook Group for FREE, where I share more things to learn, the link to join the FB Group is below:

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