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Hey There,
  • Are you a Coach, a Consultant, a Therapist or a Trainer offering 1-1 services for clients?
  • Are you based in the USA?
  • Do you have just a handful of clients and you have room to grow your business?
If the answer to all of the above questions is YES — then you’re in the right place, because I’m looking to help you to grow your business and get clients from anywhere in the world, at ZERO COST to you. Please read on to find out more details.


One of the easiest ways to grow your coaching, consulting, therapy or training business is by not limiting to word-of-mouth or advertising locally – and instead, taking your business online to reach a much wider audience organically. Fortunately or unfortunately, after the whole COVID-19 pandemic, this has become much easier than before as there is more than 60% of the world’s population online. In order to take your services from your local area to the entire country or the entire world, a coach or a consultant needs to build a successful personal brand online. To do this, you need to build a some level of online follower base as well as get good follower engagement before getting quality leads that convert into paying clients. There are two ways to build a following.
    • One way is to appeal to anyone and everyone who may have even the slightest interest in your area of expertise to follow you.
    • The other way is to build a niche following of potential buyers.
My personal recommendation is:
    • New & Not so seasoned : If you’re new to coaching, consulting etc and you don’t have much of a social media presence and if you are not getting sufficient leads & sales right now – we will focus on building a niche audience of potential buyers for you online.
    • Seasoned : If you’ve been a coach or consultant for a while and you already have a good client base via various other means – we will work on building a large follower base with a wider audience to increase your “online popularity” that will lead to high brand visibility and thereby attract even more paying clients in future.
This is why we will focus on your first 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Who Am I?

Indu Nanayakkara social media digital marketing

Hi, I’m Indu Nanayakkara and I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 12 years of experience in the industry and been the head of digital marketing at two top level agencies in my country.

I’ve also been supporting business owners by training and consulting them on how to get their business online for the past decade as the Country Lead for Women Will in Sri Lanka as well as the Co-Lead of the Google Business Group in Sri Lanka. You can learn more about me here.

How I can help

I will guide you step-by-step to get your first 1000 Instagram followers in 6-weeks.

Is that AWESOME or what?? 😁

Do keep in mind that this will involve a certain amount of work from your end such as creating your own content, responding to replies & DM’s from your own audience, and carrying out other social authority building activities to grow your own brand.

Also, for someone like you, the first 1,000 followers should be your ideal clients as you’re just venturing into Instagram. Also, this gives the very intelligent Instagram “algorithm” a clear idea on what sort of people should be following you in future.

This will make it possible to generate leads that easily convert to paying clients from among your Instagram followers, even from the start.

What you get on "Insta Growth 1000"

Here’s what’s included in your 6-week “Insta Growth 1000” program to increase your Instagram followers to 1,000:

“Insta Growth 1000” with the Social Success System

1) Self-paced video training course on how to grow your Instagram following from zero to 1,000 in just 4-weeks
(Value $ 500)

2) 30-min Live group calls where you can ask questions to sort out any issues where you’re stuck at x 6-weeks
(Value $ 600)

3) Access to highly valuable resources, templates and tools that help make your work a breeze!
(Value $ 1,950)

  • How to get clients on IG – roadmap
  • Social Media Audit – worksheet
  • Ideal Client – worksheet
  • Evergreen Content Calendar – mini tool
  • Insta Growth worksheets & e-guides (IG bio formula, hashtag formula, caption writing guide, video maker guide, reels guide, carousel guide)4) Social Success Global Community – 3 months access
    (3 x $ 500)


      • This community launches in April ‘22 and you have the opportunity to build your authority among other coaches and consultants globally.
      • We primarily focus on the USA market but we may also have a few coaches from Canada, Asia and Europe as well.

    Total value: $ 4,550

Introductory Price: $ 49

Limited Time - Beta Client Offer *

I’m looking to work with Five coaches, consultants, therapists or trainers based in the USA. I would like to offer this 6-month program Insta Growth 1000 for FREE.

* Price : $ 0.00

* Limited Time : Apply before 30th April 2022

What do I want in return?

  • Your commitment towards the 6-weeks is crucial to bring about the follower growth that you require.
  • Your honest testimonial would be highly valuable at the end of the program to build my own authority in this market.

I believe this would be a win-win opportunity and if you think the same, click the button below and apply to be one of the five individuals I will be working with, for 6-weeks at zero cost to you, so that you can grow your Instagram follower count to 1,000.


Should you need further clarification, you can always connect with me via the channels below.

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Let’s connect on social media.

Looking forward to your application.

(Application Deadline : 30th April 2022)

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