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  1. Hi Indu,

    My name is Earl. And I would like to speak to you about a prospective employment under our company as creative writer. Please send me an SMS on 0776792004 specifying the best time to call you to discuss the aforesaid.


  2. Hi Indu, Would like to speak to you regarding development & maintaining a fan page.

    I work for a reputed IT company.

    077 3043044

  3. Shalini Perera Bandaranayake

    Hi Indu,

    Can I know how we could join the google business group? Very keen to be a part of this group hence, please let me know. Thanks,

  4. Asanga Divulwewa

    Hi, good morning Ms. Indu! My name is Asanga Buwaneka Divulwewa from Dehiwala. Professionally I’m a teacher of the English Language at a leading international school in Sri Lanka. I also joined AIA insurance as a wealth planner recently two weeks. I also have physical immobility problem and confined to a wheelchair from my childhood days. My ultimate goal would help people secure their future by giving them the protection and safeguarding their retirement. I was listening to the inspirational and valuable lesson you gave us today. So I’d prefer if you would kindly show me the path and guide me with your immense knowledge on how I could do something unforgettable using Social Media Network.

    My contact number is 0772917887, 0760373002

  5. Hi there!

    I’m a freelance creative web developer who helps small businesses like yours grow with the use of their site. I sent you this email because I’d like to know if you’re interested in affordable but high-quality web design services. I’m an expert with the WordPress website platform, and I’m also skilled with many other platforms and shopping carts as well. If you’d like, I can show you some of my previous work to give you a better idea of what I am capable of accomplishing for the benefit of your business.

    If you already have some design ideas in mind, I’d like to know them and help you implement all of it to the site. I’ve also got some ideas (of which I’d love for you to hear) that will make use of what existing elements you have on your site and make it even better. I could also build you a completely new site with all the modern features that your business will need if that’s what you prefer.

    I’ll provide you with a free consultation over the phone in the next few days if you are interested. I’ll share you some ideas, get your feedback and give you a proposal. I’d really like to be of assistance and make the site better, so please reply about the best time to contact you. Talk to you soon!


  6. Hello,

    I’m a web designer/developer who helps small businesses in building their website. I’d like to find out if you would be interested in my services. I’m an expert in the WordPress website platform, and I’m also well-versed with many other platforms and shopping carts as well.

    Please let me know. Thank you!


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