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Facebook Home Is In Sri Lanka – Have You Got It Yet?

facebook home

I was waiting to download Facebook Home on 12th April as was announced by Mark Zuckerberg but was disappointed when it said ‘not available in your region’ on Google Play. However, this morning my boss said it was finally available on Google Play so I quickly downloaded it to try it out. At first I was a bit confused as to how I was supposed to get out of the Cover Feed and get to my apps. After playing around it for a few minutes I figured it out and quickly fell in love with it.

I love the big images that slide over my screen. I like this better than live wallpapers or other image based wallpapers because these are not just images, they are images from my friends or form the brands I like and follow and each image has a story or a message for me to follow up with.

I also like the fact that I can easily interact with notifications. For the past few months I’ve neglected so many notifications – literary hundreds of them because I don’t want to distract my work-time with Facebook (ironically, thought I HAVE TO BE ON Facebook almost all the time when I’m at work). So this app gives me an easier way to access Facebook on-the-go when I have small pockets of time to ‘waste’ on Facebook.

So yes, so far I’m in love with Facebook Home and I wrote this other post on the Loops Solutions blog – check it out. Maybe some of you are indifferent towards it altogether and couldn’t care less. But don’t judge until you download and try it for yourself. Unfortunately this app is only available on certain mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTC One X+. If you have one of them, lucky you!

I’m curious to know how many of you love this app and how many hate – and of course WHY? So, try it out and let me know what you think. Post a comment here or on Loops blog.

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Are you attending the “Online Marketing Conference” in November?

Optimizing the Future: Online Marketing Conference 2011” sounds like an interesting conference with the aim of the organizers, eMarketingEye being ‘to help Sri Lankan businesses leverage the internet as a more effective marketing and distribution channel’.

I’m really looking forward to attending the event since industry experts such as Google, comScore, Preferred Hotel Group will be there and of course because of the excellent networking opportunity with all you like-minded folks out there! Oh, and eMarketingEye say they will be sharing ‘never before seen data on APAC and Sri Lanka’. Sounds even more interesting huh?

Yes, I know the ticket price might a bit too high at 10K but then again, considering what’s on offer, I was quite intrigued and of course lucky for me, my future employer ‘Loops Solutions‘ are totally awesome that they said they’ll take care of my ticket so that I can attend the event. YAY!! (and yes, I’m leaving ITN to go all out social media with Loops, starting mid November. Think I’ve already said that more than once already? Anyways, in case you missed).

And… of course as usual I will be live-tweeting from the event over @InduNan and will later do a blog post here about the whole event, so stay tuned!

So will I see any of you there?

If you are attending this event, just post your Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account in ‘comments’ and let’s connect now, then meet-up at the conference 🙂

Here are links to my social media profiles:




If you add me, let me know. I’ll add you back!

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The girl who took a chance on Russell Brand’s #Tweet

I believe that life is all about taking chances.  And I believe that if you have the courage to take a leap of faith and grab the opportunities right in front of you, you will experience wonderful things in life that others – can only keep dreaming of.

About 3 days ago I came across this interesting article on how Russell Brand had sneaked in a fan to the premier of the movie “Arthur” after inviting his followers over his official Twitter account @rustyrockets. At the end of the web article, I also saw a comment from someone who claimed to be one of the girls – @VocalLizzy that Brand took in. The story made me wonder how people just take chances and actually experience great things and how some others, just go only half way or not at all, and would later kick themselves over for the opportunities missed!

Since all that happened involved Twitter, and this girl Lizzy’s twitter handle was mentioned there, I just thought I’d take a chance and ask her if she’d like to talk about the absolutely fun incident. First I just left a comment and later I took the liberty to ask her on Twitter if she would like to do a “Tweeterview” with me about the whole thing. Hours later I get a tweet from her saying “of course! :)”. I was thrilled and the following is the Tweeterview with Lizzy on Sunday night around 7.30 (Colombo time) :

ME: I tweeted the girl in this story –> @VocalLizzy & guess wht, she’s gona chat wit me on Twitter later 2day!

LIZZY: I’m having brekkie at the moment, almost ready to do this thing! 🙂
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Social Good – Making the blind see


When I first met Subhash Pinnapola, I was buzzing with enthusiasm.

If you’ve seen this video, you would know exactly how I felt when I was going to get the opportunity to interview the great mind behind the creation right? So naturally I couldn’ t wait to talk to him about this brilliant piece of visual communication that he had created which ironically happened to be produced in aid of the blind. I had so many questions about his thoughts on the impact and virality of the commercial over social media; but suddenly, he just stopped me for a moment and said, “ Look, I don’t want to talk about how I came up with this idea or how hard I worked for this or how successful this has been; I just want to talk about the begging need that we must fulfill, and I want to talk about it now.”

I nodded.

“You know, we share books, DVDs, videos and even exchange photos over Facebook.”

Here’ s where I cut in. “ But a blind person wouldn’t understand any of that.”

“Exactly” he says, “BUT what if you could change that blind person’ s life around with YOUR eyes?”
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