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When your business takes the time to create unique content, in addition to serving your audience with a great product or service, you would always look out for all sorts of measures to take that content to your audience, both current and future.

Social media and ads to spread your content can be either or both time consuming and cash consuming. A great substitute or additional support can come through content distribution platforms. 

Syndicate Content with Converge

If your small business is B2B and creates valuable content and you want to increase the visibility and engagement from your audience, Converge is a great option for content syndication.

Converge is a content distribution platform for B2B businesses. They help B2B businesses create and then distribute your content with a large B2B audience. They claim to have generated over 1.4 million views of member content since 2018. They also claim there have been more than 50,000 independent shares of Converge member content across social media channels.

Right now, they’re making Converge free to any business looking for content promotion until the 1st of July. You too can join for free here using the codeCONVERGE2020”.

They do have a Free package which lets you publish 4 articles per year. But with their paid package, which is now given Free, you can publish unlimited articles with them. Here’s what you get;

  • Unlimited publishing
  • Monthly keyword email
  • Promote your events
  • Access to resources
  • Discounted webinar tickets
  • ‘Do-Follow’ links

Syndicating your content to Converge would mean that your content works the extra mile and sits in front of the types of audiences you actually want to engage with and attract to your site consistently and passively.

How Would You Benefit from Converge

  1. Traffic – Expose your content to more of your target audience and earn passive, consistent traffic to your content and websites.
  2. Visibility – Increase your own website’s visibility thanks to ‘do-follow’ backlinks in every article published.
  3. Time – Content is promoted effectively to influencers and a ready-made audience, saving you lots of time.
  4. Knowledge – Use exclusive resources to level up and make your content work harder and go further.

In return, Converge has just one rule – your content MUST provide their large community with value. This means they want your advice and/or opinions on a wide range of business topics. Also, “sales content” is a BIG no-no and it doesn’t do well anyway. And that’s it.

Share your content among thousands absolutely Free, with Converge👇

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Disclaimer: I don’t have any affiliation with the service provider at the time of publishing this post.

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