Replace Meeting Scheduling Across Time Zones With This Video Tool for Free

When we consider a total lockdown situation, whether you’re considering work or home, it can become very impersonal in keeping communication channels on, when  sending emails or chat messages across your team or to clients, suppliers etc.

This is why sending video messages with or in place of emails and text chat, is a pretty good idea since the lockdown seems like a long-term scenario and no one is comfortable with one-on-one or team meetings at this point.

Unlimited Video Recording & Messaging from Loom

This is where video recording and messaging services such as Loom, can be a massive help to any business. And best of all, Loom is offering their Free plan to all, removing the limitation on video. 

Here’s what you’re getting from Loom in a nutshell:

  • Remove the recording limit on the free plan (the cap was at 25)
  • Loom Pro at 50% pricing (From $10/month, down to $5/month)
  • Double the trial period of Loom Pro (from 14 days, to 30 days)

All of this, until the 1st of July.

Also, Loom Pro is now free for education

If you’re a teacher or a student at a K-12 school, university, or educational institution using Loom for classroom work, you can use Loom Pro for free, forever.

In case you already are a Loom user, here how you can get this offer.

This is a Browser App

Loom works as a browser app. So, it’s superbly easy to use. Just click and start recording. Then hit stop and it automatically saves on your personal folder online. Thereafter, you can edit or download the video or just share online. You can create password restrictions for your viewers if you want truly gated content. 

I personally used Loom, along with a Facebook group to do my very first online course as I wasn’t ready with the tech when we were all taken by surprise with the lockdown a la COVID-19. So, it was a superbly useful and easy to use tool for me so I would actually personally recommend this too (no affiliations at this point). So yeah, free tip from me! 😉

How and Where does Loom Come in Handy

I also thought it would also be a great idea to share with you exactly how you can benefit from this tool by sharing how others use this. 

Substitute for Meetings

Meetings are great but by the time you find the date and time when everyone is available at the same time, especially across different time zones and THEN there are tech issues to tackle before the meeting can actually get started, it can be such a drag! 

When you share creative or strategic briefs over Loom for example, you can eliminate the need for a meeting. Team members get the information they need without the hassle of meeting scheduling.

Standups and Updates

Team leads or managers can do their Monday standup with a Loom video. And the team can provide EOD updates the same way. This eliminates long explaining emails or WIPs. Checkboxes and a video would do!

Giving feedback 

Providing feedback with a video message lets you use body language, tone of voice and other ‘unspoken nuences’ to elaborate what you’re trying to get across. Needless to say, you don’t need to write super long explanatory emails.

There are lots more examples

  • Introducing new team mates and/or Onboarding New Employees
  • Sharing monthly or quarterly reviews
  • Customer On-boardings/ Quick How Tos
  • Explaining how the product works or help troubleshooting
  • Document workflows and training videos for your team
  • Sending a video to de-escalate a frustrated or upset customer

Check all sorts of use-cases here.

Replace Meeting Scheduling Across Time Zones With This Video Tool for Free👇

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Disclaimer: I don’t have any affiliation with the service provider at the time of publishing this post.

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