Up-skill Yourself With 180+ Courses on Udemy for FREE

Earlier this week I mentioned that this would be one of the best times for business owners and pretty much everyone, to upskill themselves. Since we’re all about Freebies and almost-free stuff this month, let’s talk about self-education again.

On Monday, I wrote about 80+ paid courses on Coursera being available for FREE until 31st July. Today, I want to tell you about 180+ courses on Udemy that would be useful for small and medium business owners (and anyone else), made available for FREE!

Udeymy claims that they have the world’s largest selection of courses and that you can choose from over 100,000 online video courses. Quite a lot of their courses are priced around $10.

There are actually about 700 courses made available for free on Udemy but this link takes you to all the 180+ Courses available in English medium.

These courses are in the following topics or subject matter;

  • Personal Transformation – Positive thinking, motivation, mindset hacks, goal setting, minimalism, mindfulness and meditation and many other transformational techniques.
  • Productivity – Time management, remote working, organizing, morning routines, and many hacks.
  • Web Development, IT & Software – HTML, CSS, Amazon AWS, WordPress, Joomla, Git,  Bootstrap  and more
  • Game Development – JavaScript, Unity3D and more
  • 3D & Animation – Blender, Adobe after effects and a few others.
  • Career Development – Business, podcasting, productivity etc
  • Creativity – Hyperthinking, story telling, writing etc
  • Instruments – This includes a few lessons in guitar and piano.
  • Influence – Leadership, confidence, presentation skills etc

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180+ courses (in English medium) on Udemy that are useful for small and medium business owners (and anyone else), available for FREE! https://www.udemy.com/courses/free/?lang=en&sort=popularity

Here’s the growing list of FREE services and extended periods of support for small and medium businesses during the global crisis, that I’m blogging about during the month of May. https://indunanayakkara.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/support-for-small-businesses-during-coronavirus-covid-19/

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