Complete Set of FREE Tools to Work From Home

Just when we were getting into the whole lockdown situation and working from home, many of my friends asked me for recommendations for tools on how to work collaboratively from home. 

FREE Gmail + Apps Helps you Work From Home

A few chat instructions later, I put together a concise step-by-step guide, solely based on freely accessible Gmail and the host of apps you get free from Google. I shared this as a Facebook post on my official Page as early as March 16th.

Yesterday on Twitter, Chandramouli Dorai (@moulidorai) asked me to check out @ZohoRemotely. When I did, I was really impressed with the whole suite of support they were offering free, which pretty much was on par with what Google provides free, for entrepreneurs but I could say it goes beyond that.

With Zoho Remotely, Your Office is Where You Are

So, I pushed the blog post scheduled for today, to make way to give you Zoho’s Remotely.

Zoho Remotely enables you to take your work remotely by offering a complete suite of web and mobile apps that will help you communicate, collaborate and be productive. Visit for full details.

Remotely is Zoho’s response to the Coronavirus situation across the world and they will keep it free till July 1, 2020 by which time they hope the crisis tides over.

Apps Offered in Zoho Remotely

Having online meetings and communicating with your team clients get super easy with these apps;

  • Cliq – This tool serves as a central hub for remote work. You can create channels and manage multiple chats, hop on a video or audio call with your team. Also share files, convert messages to tasks from your chat. 
  • Meeting – This lets you schedule online meetings, via video calls, or just stick to audio calls. You can also share your screen for contextual discussions.
  • ShowTime – This tool is ideal for designing and conducting online training courses, receiving feedback and reaching your audience across the globe.

These apps help you collaborate seamlessly from wherever you are

  • WorkDrive – If you’re familiar with Google Drive, this is pretty much the same. With this tool you can create team drives, share documents with members, and collaborate in real time to get things done.
  • Projects – This one as the name goes, is a project management tool where you can launch projects, add relevant people and tasks. Collaborate with your team wherever they are and keep track of task progress and milestones efficiently.
  • Sprints – Taking projects to the next level, with Sprints you can create customized scrum boards and incorporate live feedback while executing projects, the agile way. 

Providing remote assistance to your customers and employees is a breeze with these two tools

  • Assist – This let’s you reach out to your employees and customers wherever they are through secure remote sessions across multiple devices using approved control of their system.
  • Lens – Meanwhile with Lens you get to see what your customer sees, click and annotate images, draw deeper insights with augmented reality tech and deliver remote assistance.  

Achieve productivity when working remotely with these apps. These are pretty much identical to Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides – if you’re familiar with them.

  • Writer – Create, share and edit documents together as a team, each from their own laptops or mobile, from wherever they are.
  • Sheet – Manage spreadsheets and analyze your data with advanced functions as well as present information with clear visualizations. 
  • Show – Craft presentations by sharing and collaborating with multiple people.

Wanna try them out? Simply visit and sign up with your email or login with your Google or LinkedIn account.

Feel free to Share on your social pages or just click to Tweet, so more small biz owners will benefit from these, during these uncertain times.

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