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Going digital and working from home sounds great! But how do you actually have a face-to-face signing of contracts virtually? Who signs first and who signs later and what’s the guarantee that there will be no changes to the initial agreement?

Unless you have been used to the online contract signing process, when you first move your business processes online, signing contracts and other documents with both new and existing clients is one of the biggest challenges you would face.

Try DocuSign FREE for 90 Days

There are various tools and tech solutions out there for remote signing but most of the superior services come at a price. Luckily, for those who are new to this, DocuSign offers a free 90-day trial for new users.

DocuSign eSignature handles the most demanding customer requirements, delivering an experience simple enough for practically anyone to adopt. With DocuSign, recipients of a document click a link to open the documents on a smartphone phone, tablet, or computer, use the simple instructions guide to go through the signing process, and create your own electronic signature and sign the doc, Save the signed document and pass it onto the other party.

The service makes sure that all parties are signed in so there’s mutual trust among the parties that will sign the contract.

Remotely signing docs – Is it really good?

You don’t believe it? Here’s how and why DocuSign is one of the most widely used electronic signature 

  • Sign documents anywhere from any device 
  • No overnighting, faxing or waiting Email documents for instant signature and return. 
  • More secure than paper Documents are encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained.

DocuSign is supporting the global response to COVID-19 in healthcare, government, education, and business in a much more wider capacity. Check out all that they are doing, HERE

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Sign Contracts & Docs Online Securely 90-Day Free Trial from DocuSign –

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