Support for Small Businesses During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

So, we’re in this for the long haul. 

Unless and until some miracle maker whips up a fantastic vaccination!

For this reason, I decided to look around for various tools, tech, services, and other types of support that are available for small business owners who are struggling with the current challenging times. 

Sure, we have the biggest spirits for the smallest businesses but we can all get some tangible support any day!

Real Support

Many larger organizations – offering both products and services have taken steps to support the smaller fish in the pond. Among them are tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more!

Take a sneak peek; here’s just ONE resource which includes a collection of support service provider for small businesses – Stand for Small.

This resource is actually meant for small biz owners in the US and therefore, some of these services may only be available for you lucky lucky small biz in the US. Fortunately, others would be available worldwide.

Worldwide Support

In the next few weeks, I would attempt to dig deep into some of these resources and list what’s available for all of us, all over the world.

And as I blog about each support service, I will update THIS post with links to each of them. So check back this post regularly over the next few weeks 😉

List of Supporting Services for Small Businesses:

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#SmallBiz owners, “Now Is The Time To Put Your Shop Online – With Shopify👇

90-day Extended Trial On Buffer Social Media Tool👇

Sign Contracts & Docs Online Securely 90-day Free Trial👇

Coursera – 80+ courses with certificates from well-known universities (normally cost $50) for FREE. 👉

HootSuite – Professional package ($19/mo), FREE for affected industries. 👇

Box – Offers unlimited cloud storage FREE for 90-days. 👇

Complete Set of FREE Tools to Work From Home. 👇

Up-skill Yourself With 180+ Courses on Udemy for FREE. 👇

100 Person Video Conferencing Secure and FREE. 👇

Social media publishing & managing tool for small teams and small agencies for only $1 per month. 👇

Obvious solution to brick and mortar shops during the COVID-19 pandemic, would be to build an online store. Here’s how you can start now, with the special 3 months free offer 👇

As part of the #StandForSmall @Amazon offers a host of products & solutions for small business owners👇

Professional customer relationship management (CRM) tool for small businesses, FREE for 90-days with Salesforce 👇

9 Ways Pinterest Supports Small Biz And How It Benefits You👇

Here’s how top tech giant Google supports Small Businesses through COVID-19👇

 Why Facebook’s New Video Conferencing Tool Is Different👇

Here’s how Instagram has made it easier for people to support Small Businesses👇

How To Work From Home and Be Productive With One Free Tool👇

Replace Meeting Scheduling Across TimeZones With This Video Tool for Free👇

How to Get Website Security for Your Small Biz Absolutely Free👇

Get Unlimited Video Calls And Group Conferences With Jitsi Meet👇

Share your content among thousands absolutely Free, with Converge👇

Check back daily for more…

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