The 3rd Annual #TweetupSL is Tomorrow

The annual BIG DAY of the Srilankan Twittersphere takes place tomorrow. Twitter is abuzz and the Tweeps are excited! This time, the meet-up is expected to be the biggest so far! So what exactly is TweetupSL? – wait, there are STILL people who don’t know what it is..? ūüėÄ

Date: Saturday, 1st September 2012

Time: 3.00 PM

Venue: The Warehouse Project, Tripoli Road (Orabi Pasha Mawatha), Maradana, Colombo.


First TweetupSL

As history has been re-told several times over on many many blog posts and tweets, the first ever TweetupSL took place two years ago, that’s on the 26th of August 2010 at Coco Veranda. The event was inspired by a meet-up plan between two tweeps, @Moshanthi¬†and @Udaraumd¬†and¬†this is the historic istoric tweet that record this incident. Later that month, TweetupSL was held with the participation of over 100 Twitter users. Here are a list of blog articles I Googled up for your reading pleasure:

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TweetupSL Photos 1

TweetupSL Photos 2

It must be mentioned that the activity give-aways, venue, food and beverage – sponsors deserve a huge thank from the organizers of this event, without whom this very first TweetupSL that gave rise to the next, would not have been possible.

TweetupSL 2

After much talk over TweetupSL and many tweets later, the second TweetupSL was held almost exactly a year later – on the 27th of August, due to the overwhelming requests from the ever increasing Srilankan Twitter population. This time, Dialog¬†took a huge step forward to providing the venue along with a lot of other facilities; and just like at the first TweetupSL, a unique TweetupSL T-shirt was given away to almost all participants. The event was a huge success with over twice as much participation as the first. Here’s a collection of articles written on this event:


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#TweetUpSL Part Deux

Lets Trend #TweetupSL worldwide

And here’s what I wrote,

TweetupSL is happening today! For the second time in Sri Lanka

Documentation of Tweets sent for TweetupSL 2 with #TweetupSL hashtag:

Twitter Report on #TweetupSL – Part II

500 Tweets on #TweetupSL

TweetupSL 2 attendees were given food vouchers from @PereraAndSons and this inspired another, smaller-scale tweetup called TweetupSL 2.5 where those with the food vouchers were invited to come over to a Perera And Sons outlet to make use of those vouchers. This took place on 1st September 2011. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend this!

So what about TweetupSL 3

That’s tomorrow! And all attendees were expected to register and RSVP at the official TweetupSL website¬† Dialog is giving away a Tshirt to all those who have marked their T-shirt size on the site and also¬†introducing a Loyalty Scheme for the tweeps who are subscribers of Dialog. Food will be provided by Coco Veranda and Drinks will be courtesy of Elephant House.

The very¬†generous¬†sponsors¬†have made it possible to organize this year’s TweetupSL successfully. A special ‘thank you’ goes out to Dialog and Coco Veranda for their undying support and being part of the organizing team from the start!

And if you’ve been curious to find out who are the Tweeps behind TweetupSL… They are (in no particular order),¬†Udara, Amitha, Chamara, Himal, Shazly, Mili, Muhammad, Nazly, Lasantha, Sarath, Uditha and yes, Moi ūüôā¬†You can find their details on the Contact page on TweetupSL website.

So here’s what I’d like to know – are YOU planning on attending TweetupSL 3 tomorrow? And WHY (what are you expectations)? If you’re not going to come, why not?

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This Blog post is dedicated to @moshanthi & @udara

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