Do you want your Facebook Page – Cover Image done for FREE?

Just a few more days until all Facebook Pages will get a new design. Facebook says that on March 30, 2012 they will be enforcing the new Timeline format on all pages – regardless of whether you have already switched to the new format or clueless about the whole thing and still on the old format.

So, how many of you Page-admins out there are ready for this change?  Have you already changed your page to the Timeline format and published? Maybe you’ve reluctantly converted to the new format but not quite happy with how the whole cover image and the profile image combination looks on your page. Or you don’t have a nice image to put up there at all…

What ever the situation you are in, I’ve got GOOD news for you! The Srilankan social media company Loops Solutions has volunteered to help out absolutely anyone who wants their cover page done – That is, Loops will create a cover page for your Facebook Page, absolutely FREE!

How’s that for a deal? And no strings attached, what so ever. They have just taken it up as a fun thing to do and in general,  just to help out the social media community. If any of you want to make use of this crazy opportunity, email them at or visit their Facebook Page and ‘message’ them.


(Disclaimer: I work for Loops Solutions and I’m the head of social media)

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