Facebook Timeline for pages and brands has launched!

Almost immediately after “Timeline” for personal profiles were launched, it had been guessed, predicted and prophesied that Facebook would be launching Timeline for Pages. Over the past couple of months, it was rumored that D-day was 29th February, the leap day, the day of the first ever Facebook Marketing conference or fMC – as Facebook likes to call it. And the rumor worked out to be true after all, because Facebook Timeline for pages are HERE!

That’s right! But, at this point, only page admins can view the Timeline. Here’s what it looks like when an admin first walks into the page:

New Facebook Page layout activated from 30th March 2012 - Notice to Page admins

When you click on the blue-color “Preview” button, this is what you get to view:

New Facebook Page layout activated from 30th March 2012 - The initial look

You can read-up on this in detail on Mashable – here. Also, don’t miss this interesting post on AllFacebook.

I’d love to walk you through the “Tour” but I gotta go for now, since I’m planning on watching the fMC live, in about an hour and a half (at the time of writing this post). Facebook will be starting the livestreaming of this much awaited event at 1pm ET or EST (If you’re watching from Sri Lanka, it should start around 11.30pm). If you want to watch, just click here, to go to Facebook’s special site set up just for the fMC.

Time permitting, I’ll add some photos from the tour, but let’s discuss more about Timeline for pages, after the conference.

Au revoir!


Must thank Shazly for sending me the google-chat update about this, which I saw on my phone while I was on my way home from work! 😀

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  1. Not sure if we can call this a “launch” yet. I’d rather say Facebook is giving us 30 days time of preparation our pages for the actual launch. For this period of time, only admins can see the timeline.

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