Are you attending the “Online Marketing Conference” in November?

Optimizing the Future: Online Marketing Conference 2011” sounds like an interesting conference with the aim of the organizers, eMarketingEye being ‘to help Sri Lankan businesses leverage the internet as a more effective marketing and distribution channel’.

I’m really looking forward to attending the event since industry experts such as Google, comScore, Preferred Hotel Group will be there and of course because of the excellent networking opportunity with all you like-minded folks out there! Oh, and eMarketingEye say they will be sharing ‘never before seen data on APAC and Sri Lanka’. Sounds even more interesting huh?

Yes, I know the ticket price might a bit too high at 10K but then again, considering what’s on offer, I was quite intrigued and of course lucky for me, my future employer ‘Loops Solutions‘ are totally awesome that they said they’ll take care of my ticket so that I can attend the event. YAY!! (and yes, I’m leaving ITN to go all out social media with Loops, starting mid November. Think I’ve already said that more than once already? Anyways, in case you missed).

And… of course as usual I will be live-tweeting from the event over @InduNan and will later do a blog post here about the whole event, so stay tuned!

So will I see any of you there?

If you are attending this event, just post your Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account in ‘comments’ and let’s connect now, then meet-up at the conference šŸ™‚

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If you add me, let me know. I’ll add you back!

2 thoughts on “Are you attending the “Online Marketing Conference” in November?”

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