TweetupSL is happening today! For the second time in Sri Lanka

In almost 4 hours from now, a much awaited event by the Twitter users of Sri Lanka, will kick-off in Colombo. #TweetupSL 2 – only the second “Tweet-up” in Sri Lanka – will probably be considered the biggest social media event of the year in the country. And of course I’m very much looking forward to it myself!

What’s a “Tweetup”?

Okay so just in case some of you are wondering; What’s a “Tweetup”? Technically, it’s a “meet-up of people who use Twitter”. The thing is, unlike the more popular social network Facebook, most people make connections with complete strangers on Twitter. Part of the reason behind this in my guess would be the fact that you share only very limited amount of information on Twitter (profile) compared to Facebook. Since people hardly know the majority of the Tweeps (Tweeps = Twitter users) who they follow or who follows them, a tweetup gives Twitter users the opportunity to put a face to the name they network with online.

Where does TweetupSL come from?

The first ever Tweetup in Sri Lanka , which was tagged as #TweetupSL was held last year (2010), almost around this time – on the 26th of August at Coco Veranda – a coffee house down Ward Place, Colombo. The story of the first TweetupSL is a very interesting one and I shall tell you that later! I will also tell you how the #TweetupSL – 2 came about as well – since I have much to do, tweet and get dressed up about in a matter of few hours. However, if time and space (at the venue – since my guess it’s going to be packed!) permitting, I shall attempt to give live updates from TweetupSL on this blog, hopefully with photos and or videos of what’s happening – as it happens, so stay tuned….!

What can you do if you’re didn’t Register/RSVP or can’t make it :/

The requirement to attend TweetupSL – 2 was to register over the official website before the deadline. So in case you didn’t RSVP already, you will not be able to attend. Nor will you be able to get your hands on the totally funky Twitter T-shirt from Dialog – one of the sponsors of the event. However, if you still want to find out what’s going on, you can of course check this blog for live updates. Also, you can check out the updates from all the participants today if you follow the hashtag #TweetupSL on Twitter, search for #TweetupSL on or try Google it maybe.. Also, you can follow the official account for the TweetupSL – 2 event, @TweetupSL on Twitter, to get all the official updates and announcements. Of course I’ll be tweeting about it so you can follow me @InduNan 😉

In addition, you can check out the official TweetupSL – 2 website – and take part in the fun poll where the organizers will select the following Tweeps, based on the votes from Twitter users alone:

  1. Tweetaholic of the Year
  2. TechTweep of the Year
  3. Twentertainer of the Year
  4. TweetupSL Mr.Tweep
  5. TweetupSL Miss.Tweep
  6. The Funniest Tweep
  7. The Most Informative Tweep
  8. The Most Controversial Tweep

The winners will get some cool gifts from some of the awesome folks who decided to sponsor the event. They are; in no particular order – Dialog, Coco Veranda, Gihan Bookshop, Perera & Sons, Kiss 898 – radio, ITN – television, and Bloom Room.



#TweetupSL is Trending! Colombo, Sri Lanka – via @astroanu

Event Details

Date: Saturday, 27th August 2011

Time: 5.00PM to 08.00PM

Venue: Dialog Future World #338, T.B. Jayah Mw (Darly Rd), Colombo-10, Sri Lanka.


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