The girl who took a chance on Russell Brand’s #Tweet

I believe that life is all about taking chances. Β And I believe that if you have the courage to take a leap of faith and grab the opportunities right in front of you, you will experience wonderful things in life that others – can only keep dreaming of.

About 3 days ago I came across this interesting article on how Russell Brand had sneaked in a fan to the premier of the movie “Arthur” after inviting his followers over his official Twitter accountΒ @rustyrockets. At the end of the web article, I also saw a comment from someone who claimed to be one of the girls – @VocalLizzy that Brand took in. The story made me wonder how people just take chances and actually experience great things and how some others, just go only half way or not at all, and would later kick themselves over for the opportunities missed!

Since all that happened involved Twitter, and this girl Lizzy’s twitter handle was mentioned there, I just thought I’d take a chance and ask her if she’d like to talk about the absolutely fun incident. First I just left a comment and later I took the liberty to ask her on Twitter if she would like to do a “Tweeterview” with me about the whole thing. Hours later I get a tweet from her saying “of course! :)”. I was thrilled and the following is the Tweeterview with Lizzy on Sunday night around 7.30 (Colombo time) :

ME: I tweeted the girl in this story –> @VocalLizzy & guess wht, she’s gona chat wit me on Twitter later 2day!

LIZZY: I’m having brekkie at the moment, almost ready to do this thing! πŸ™‚

ME: oh cool! how soon or late u think we could talk about your little adventure? πŸ˜€

LIZZY: Let’s do it in 30 minutes as planned. πŸ™‚

ME: Alrighty! in 30min then πŸ™‚

ME: So I smhow got hold of d adventure girl in this story – @VocalLizzy ! gona chat with her to find out how it all hapnd!

30 min later…

ME : I think I got hold of @VocalLizzy and I have so many questions to ask! :)) Hi Lizzy πŸ™‚

LIZZY: Hello, and good Sunday to you! πŸ™‚

ME: Good morning to you too Lizzy! what time is it over there and where in the US are you from?

LIZZY: It is about 10:15 am on a cool Sunday morning here in New York City.

LIZZY: I have a tall, sweet iced coffee and ready to answer your questions and those of your fabulous followers *waving to you all*

ME: Nice πŸ™‚ it’s a warm afternoon here in Colombo and around 7.45pm so I’m dying to know all about your adventure hehe

LIZZY: Shall we start at the beginning? I was on a bus headed to dinner with my former boss and her boyfriend, and was checking Twitter…

LIZZY: on my cell phone. I came across a tweet from Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) saying that he was headed to the #arthur premiere.

ME: yes! go ahead πŸ™‚ how did it all start !

LIZZY: “Going to the cinema to see #arthur.It’s the premiere.I can smuggle 5 people in- if dressed appropriately. See you at the premiere”

ME: So what did you do??

LIZZY: At first, I thought “He’s wearing a rather roomy coat, I guess” LOL Then I decided to be a typical cheeky NYer and respond.

LIZZY: My response was “I am wearing perfect red lipstick and my heart on my sleeve. Is that proper attire.” I sent it & went on 2 dinner.

LIZZY: About 15-20 minutes later, I received “@rustyrockets YOU CAN WALK RIGHT IN”. Thought I was being punked so I replied…

ME: hehehe.. what did u say?

LIZZY: “How shall I prove this to powers with earpieces and clipboard….and where is premiere?”

ME: hehehe smart girl! yeah exactly. and were u sure this was his official twitter account?

LIZZY: I was dubious but started to think “Okay, dinner may have to stop short…” as I awaited a reply…

LIZZY: And then about 10 minutes later…”@rustyrockets get there, show me this tweet, come in. X”

LIZZY: I grabbed my coat, told my dinner companions we were heading to the Zigfield (usual BIG premiere theater in midtown)”…

ME: oh wow! hehe so did you really buy that? what made u go ahead?

LIZZY: And we piled into a taxi and headed about 14 blocks away to the theater. Of course, one thought crossed my mind…

LIZZY: What made me think it was possibly real – the fact that the tweets came from his personal Twitter profile. What made me certain…

LIZZY: Certain that he wasn’t “taking the piss” as Brits say…the fact that he responded…TWICE.

LIZZY: The thought “If I walk up and say “oh Russell invited me via Twitter” I would have looked somewhat INSANE. But no guts, no glory.

ME: cool! so it’s all about taking a chance and just having fun eh

LIZZY: I found a studio PR person (earpiece and clipboard) and told them about Twitter invite. And the surprising response?

ME: yeah??

LIZZY: “Oh yes, his people told us he did that! Wait here, we’ll be right back…” That was then the reality REALLY set in.

ME: wow πŸ˜€ so were u like totally excited? what were you expecting next and what happened?

LIZZY: Expecting? Tickets into the premiere. Excited beyond belief. Sure enough, given tickets for myself and my dinner companions!

ME: wow so all 3 of you got in??

LIZZY: My friends went ahead upstairs to take their seats but I decided I wanted to try and thank my “host” for his generosity…

LIZZY: I loitered in the lobby of the theater while RB walked the red carpet – dealt w/the press. I spoke with a lovely studio rep.

ME: awww thats so sweet! πŸ™‚ so what happened next?

LIZZY: After about 15 minutes, he walked in with a group of 4-5 ppl incl. an imposing bodyguard, that I proceeded to ignore LOL

LIZZY: Before bodyguard could stop me, I made eye contact with RB and said “Russell! I’m one of your Twitter invitees!”

ME: LOL! wow, you are courageous! :)) so what happened??

LIZZY: Those big eyes twinkled, the broad grin broke out and he reached out for a big hug and a peck on the cheek. OMG!

LIZZY: RB: “You made it! And you are dressed quite lovely! The screening is starting late, let’s go see the movie!”

ME: OMG!! that is so so sweet of him!! :)) and then?

LIZZY: He put his arm around me & led me to the escalator 2 the theater. We spoke abt his upcoming role in @RockOfAges movie

LIZZY: Asked me if he shd play role w/Brit or American accent. My reply “Play it the way your heart tells you 2” I then asked for a pic.

ME: wow so what was he like? and what else did you talk about?

LIZZY: Hee hee – his bodyguard ended up taking it! Ha ha ha! Tamed the security beast to do my bidding. πŸ˜‰

LIZZY: We didn’t have time to discuss anything else, we did not sit together and the screening was starting late.

ME: oh okay.. so what did u do next?

LIZZY: Watched the film…sweet, endearing comedy w/lots of heart. May not be a critic’s darling but will be a hit, I believe

LIZZY: After the screening was my second celebrity encounter…As I made my way out, I noticed that Dame Helen Mirren had not left yet…

LIZZY: Here’s the photo we took…new camera phone, takes forever to focus but clearly RB and I

@induNan Here's the photo we camera phone, ta... on Twitpic

click photo to view full image

LIZZY: I have been a fan of Dame Helen for years, especially in “Gosford Park” and only dreamed of meeting someday. Here was my chance.

LIZZY: Eventually made it to near her seats, quietly caught her attention and basically fawned over her. She was gracious and kind.

ME: Oh she’s one awesome lady! Helen Mirren

ME: you lucky lucky girl! so did u get a chance 2 talk to her?

LIZZY: Indeed. Told her I have used her “gift of anticipation” speech from Gosford in job interviews. She agreed it was a great speech!

ME: btw I love loved Helen Mirren on RED with Bruce Willis! super movie πŸ™‚

LIZZY: Ahhh yes RED: Retired / Extremely Dangerous πŸ™‚

ME: so what happened? managed to get a memorable photo with her as well?

LIZZY: I asked if she’d take a photo. She said she would!!! I turned and said “Mr. Hackford, would u do the honors?”

ME: hehehe! cool πŸ™‚

ME: that her hubby?

LIZZY: Taylor Hackford is her hubby.

LIZZY: Here’s the photo of Dame Helen and I

@InduNan Here's my picture w/Dame Helen. Once again, cur... on Twitpic

click photo to view full image

LIZZY: After the photo, I thanked them both and was making my way to the exit when I spotted my “host” taking photos with guests.

LIZZY: I decided on one last “moment”. I called out “RUSSELL!” and he spun around to my direction…”PLAY LONNY BRITISH!”

LIZZY: (Lonny being his role in the @rockofages movie). He answered “Yes! British from now on! Thank you, darling!”

ME: hehehe so cute!

LIZZY: He then disappeared into the crowd and was off to the premiere party. I didn’t presume there was invite for that as well and left.

LIZZY: Indeed…very cute. Charming and sweet. Katy is a lucky lady.

ME: yup! and such a funky couple huh? πŸ™‚

LIZZY: I think they both have an innate joie de vivre that syncs them perfectly.

ME: wow! what a crazy adventure :))) so did u meet up your friends later? met any other tweeps he might’ve got in?

LIZZY: When I yelled “PLAY LONNY BRITISH” my guests heard my voice and found me LOL. I was seated next to another Tweet-invitee.

ME: hehehe really? who was that?

LIZZY: I believe it was @KelseyorKathryn

ME: wow.. what an adventure indeed! πŸ™‚ so did u talk to @KelseyorKathryn ?

LIZZY: @KelseyorKathryn We chatted a bit before the movie, laughing that out of 2mil followers, we were the only ones to believe him!

ME: hehehe of course! you lucky girls :)) so how did it all end and what’s the big ‘lesson’ learned πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

LIZZY: How it ended – seeing @rustyrockets post an article from about it & vowing to do the same in LON/SYD.

LIZZY: The big lesson learned – grab the volume dial of opportunity and crank it to 11. Nothing ventured=nothing gained. πŸ™‚

LIZZY: I also tweeted on Wednesday “If @rustyrockets posts about something, especially #Arthur, BELIEVE HIM! :)”

ME: Absolutely!! totally agree with you and that’s why I think you’re a great gal! :))

LIZZY: Awww, well thank you! I am flattered at all the attention this adventure brought me! πŸ™‚

LIZZY: Oh, and if ur a beauty products fan, @LOrealParisUSA Infallible Rouge in Ravishing Red was my “perfect red lipstick”

ME: Hehehe I bet! I must thank you for taking time off your Sunday morning to talk about your Twitter-adventure! (Tweetventure? lol)

LIZZY: Thank you for the Tweeterview! Hope you and your readers have a wonderful rest of their Sunday! Cheers!

ME: totally! and you have a great Sunday ahead too! Catch you sometime then, till then keep the faith! xoxo

ME: Β Well girls and boys that was a #tweeterview with @VocalLizzy from NYC who’s in this interesting article

That’s one cool story huh? πŸ™‚ So now I’m wondering, how many of you would go for a chance like this? If not, why not? What would make you want to go for an opportunity and what would make you well, chicken out?

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