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When I first met Subhash Pinnapola, I was buzzing with enthusiasm.

If you’ve seen this video, you would know exactly how I felt when I was going to get the opportunity to interview the great mind behind the creation right? So naturally I couldn’ t wait to talk to him about this brilliant piece of visual communication that he had created which ironically happened to be produced in aid of the blind. I had so many questions about his thoughts on the impact and virality of the commercial over social media; but suddenly, he just stopped me for a moment and said, “ Look, I don’t want to talk about how I came up with this idea or how hard I worked for this or how successful this has been; I just want to talk about the begging need that we must fulfill, and I want to talk about it now.”

I nodded.

“You know, we share books, DVDs, videos and even exchange photos over Facebook.”

Here’ s where I cut in. “ But a blind person wouldn’t understand any of that.”

“Exactly” he says, “BUT what if you could change that blind person’ s life around with YOUR eyes?”

That’s why this video is so important. Think about it. When you die, your body just turns either to ash or dust. But knowing that a prospect to serve another human being who had a genuine need existed, and knowing that you could fulfill that need, even after your time on this earth ended, to be able to fulfill that need, wouldn’t that be something?

“Every time I look at that commercial” Subhash concludes “ every time I read the comments and feedback from people around the world on how amazing the little boy in the commercial is, I ask myself ‘ HOW’ , how will I be able to explain to this little boy what an amazing actor he is? How do I make him understand the impact his performance has created around the world? I can’ t. It’ s humanly impossible. I can only pray that as a consequence of this commercial, both the boy and millions like him will soon be able to have the gift of sight bestowed upon them. It’ s not impossible. All it takes is the will. The rest will follow.”

This commercial is a prime example of Subhash’ s commitment to responsible advertising. Anyone can produce a commercial, but producing a commercial which changes perceptions, attitudes and in general changes the way people think? That’s advertising that everyone, not just the advertisers themselves, but we as consumers can always and should always be proud of.

How would you respond to a commercial like this? Would you share a video like this with your friends over facebook and twitter, hoping everyone who sees it would do the needful or would you take the next step and make that call, sign that form and actually go through the process of donating your eyes?
Subhash summs up the gravity of the nessecity in a single sentence at the end.
Once your eyes have finished seeing, pass them on

…there’s always someone waiting.

Subhash Pinnapola is a Senior Creative Director attached to Leo Burnett Solutions, Sri Lanka. I must thank @rohanvim especially for that single tweet that made this meeting possible. You are a true ‘connector’ buddy! Thank you @amanashraff for arranging the meeting with the brilliant Subhash Pinnapola. I must also thank @sarathsc for gladly letting us use the @CocoVeranda premises for this interview and for lending us his awesome brand new camera.

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  1. I think one thing that Subhash can (and should) tell the little boy who appeared in the advertisement is that he’s become an inspiration to thousands. Simply by telling his story he’s moved people all around the world indelibly and that’s an incredibly powerful and special thing.

    There’s a quote by Proust which I love that perfectly captures the raison d’être of the campaign:

    ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’

    What a gift to bestow to another human being.


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