Everybody’s looking for Bloggers!

Who ever said blogging is dead? Just today, three different parties were looking for bloggers, Two friends of mine – one of them being @Isura and a company I freelance social media work – @CMBevents were looking for bloggers via Twitter. So why is this keen interest over bloggers? Blogs and blogging have become quite popular in Sri Lanka. Over here, most “non personal” blogs range from news blogs to gossip blogs to technology to education.

Looking for ‘Regular’ Bloggers

Couple of hours into work at office this morning, my Facebook chat popped up and a friend said that he’s looking for regular bloggers. “Regular” as in updated at least once a week. He did mention there’s a good opportunity for anyone who would.. But I can’t tell you what that is right now 😉 So I sent out a tweet and got some links. Here are a few interesting blogs that I came across over Twitter.


@hajara_ said @iHaneez is the admin and they have many tweeps in their crew. I checked out the contributors and saw many familiar tweeps listed there. @iHaneez said on Twitter: “We want to build a place where our undergrads/students can refer for their academics.. Contributions are always welcome”. Pretty impressive blog in my opinion.


@udithaumash said him and others – @RoylyFdo, @Pothe_Gura, @wasala27 with numourous contributors make up this blog. Interesting movie reviews in sinhala together with download links and subtitles.


This link was tweeted by @Tharindra. This blog claims to be “Sri Lanka’s only Motoring Magazine, featuring reviews of the latest vehicles in Sri Lanka and news of the local motor industry”. It does have car, bike and SUV reviews as well as news updates from the vehicle world. Pretty cool read for vehicle enthusiasts I must say.

Opportunity for Bloggers with a Blog

Then again @Isura was offering an opportunity for bloggers who has their own blog and writes their own updates regularly.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to connect with Isura to find out more. If I do I’ll post an update here 🙂

Event hunters? Party People? Show off your writing talent too…!

And then, @CMBevents is planning on something interesting. They are looking for people who love going out. More like going for various types of events like club parties, concerts, exhibitions.. all sorts. And then write a few lines about them. Armed with your phone or your camera if you can take a couple of photos or even shoot a little video clip.. or if you like to take it to the next level, interview a couple of peepz at the event about what they think as well…? Sounds fun huh? Well @CMBevents is gonna give you space to post all the fun you have in town. So yeah, if you’re interested, just email them on info@cmbeventsgroup.com and they’ll tell you when they will start this and just how to get about it 🙂

Well, today had certainly been an interesting day with all the blog talk and a video doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter that says “Pass it on when you’re done with it” and an amazing one at that in a long time!  Thanks to twitter-power I get to meet the guy who’s behind that awesome video this evening! So let me tell you all about that tomorrow 😉

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