Looking for a Job in Social Media?

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Jobs in Social Media

During the latter part of the year 2010, I’ve been asked more than once… “Can you find me a good Social Media person to handle our Facebook page or Twitter account?” – or something along those lines. I did check around for people but couldn’t find anyone  at the time. So I decided this year, I’m going to have a small database of people who would be interested in pursuing a career in Social Media/Social Media Marketing. This decision was made because in my opinion, 2011 will be the year businesses will take Social Media seriously and make it a part of their marketing and/or PR module.

One of the main reasons why I think Social Media will be a sought after job this year, is that organizations will start to realize the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing. I’m sure most of them have realized this last year and by this year, they would want to get serious about SMM. I foresee that Srilankan business would finally have an SM marketing budget this year. And since they have come to realize that there’s going to be money involved, they would not want just anyone to handle their SM campaigns. Thus, the necessity of a proper social media marketer or consultant would arise.

So, if you are interested in getting seriously into Social Media at some point, now would be a good time to start. I would like you to email me your details and if you like, your CV as well and I’ll add you into the database, which I’m trying to create. And when a company requests me for a person who can work as a Social Media marketer or consultant, I can show them your CV or details and if they like you, bingo! you have a big opportunity to be hired!

Basic Qualifications

You should generally have a pretty outgoing personality – trust me, it shows online 😉 Apart from this, here are the most basic qualifications that I would look for, in you:

  • Excellent English (right now, most companies communicate in English, this may change in future)
  • Enjoys people and is naturally chatty
  • Good listener
  • Positive attitude and enthusiastic
  • Knows how to get out of a tricky situation online in a professional manner
  • In general, loves being online

If you think you’re someone like what I’ve described above, shoot me an email NOW 😉

my email : indu@indunanayakkara.com

I have dedicated a special Page: Jobs and Workshops – for more information on Jobs in Social Media. Check it out for job postings and other information.

10 thoughts on “Looking for a Job in Social Media?”

  1. Wow!! This is pretty interesting. Is there that much of demand for social media related jobs? I would love to engage if I had a chance. Only problem is I have to use my spare time since I’m currently employed.. 😀

    BTW… Wish you all the best for your new blog. Keep us informed about this kind if stuff!!!

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  3. Dakshina – I’m engaged in Social Media while doing a full time job as well. There’s MUCH you can do with your free time if you channel it properly 😉 For example, I don’t watch TV, I use that time completely on social media. If you’re really interested, just drop me an email with your CV, let’s see what I can do 😉

    R – Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  4. According to R this is really a great idea and great initiative!
    You dont have to be engaged in Social media full time . Being part time is enough like most of us do. Once you get the concept & hang you will get used to it. Companies are engaging in social media marketing nowadays. Who doesn’t have a Facebook Fan page these days ? At least a profile .
    This is a very interesting field. If your a go getter with a out going personality you can be successful in social media. Its no rocket science.

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