The World Is Changing…

Gone are the days that we had to wait for a newspapers or a magazines to publish an article, or find a way to publish a book to tell our story.

Gone are the days we had to dream of being on radio or on TV.. for people to hear our voice or see our face.

Also gone are the days we had to wait for snail mail to bring us a letter from someone far away.. or wonder what your childhood best friend might look like now, after 20 years or so.

The web 2.0 platform with Social Media integration has made everything so easy that all of the above is just a click-of-a-button away. We have come to realize that Social Media is changing the world and is not just a fad or a passing fantasy.

This significant change not only applies to individuals but also to groups, businesses and even governments as well. The way we do things are being changed beyond our imagination. But how much do we really know about Social Media in our little island, Sri Lanka? And do we know what to do with it?

Hence, the birth of this blog – A place where I would be able to experiment and explore social media. A place to display the results of research and experiments that I would like to perform in social media. A place for my personal opinion and insights on social media, A place to have discussions with like minded individuals who have an interest in social media and where it would take us, in future.

Oh, and do all those things that we couldn’t do before, without the “old media”… like publishing an article on a paper, writing a book, going on radio or TV (although I’ve done most of these already, except writing a book maybe.. oh well). But this is MY personal space on the soapbox. I can write, I can speak and I can go on my personal TV (that would be something along the lines of YouTube) say what I want to say and share what I want to share. And unlike the “old media” you can tell me what YOU think of what I do. It would be a two-way experience.. So I invite you all to join in the conversation.

Talk to you soon!

3 thoughts on “The World Is Changing…”

  1. Great to see you starting off with this blog –and such a good topic to! Indeed the world is changing even as we speak, as social media embedded communication plays a bigger role in reputations, real-time intelligence, marketing and customer service –just to take a few areas.

    Look forward to seeing your insights on Sri Lankan businesses!

  2. Thanks Angelo, honored that you’ve written the first comment on my blog. I want to see Sri Lanka changing with the world. As our people have often shown, they are quite the tech savvy folk who are open to new trends and ideas. Let’s see if I can create some conversation.. and maybe conversions 😉 as some business folk are still a little skeptical about social media.

  3. yes as u said it’s the revolution of communication.It’s the interaction between both listener and broadcaster.Sri Lanka is ready to grab the advantage.All we have to is show them the use of it and how to reach it.Thanx for your effort and would like to join with you in your valuable articles.

    Best Regards,

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